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Innovative Techno Lab Equipments
Innovative Techno Lab Equipments
Pune, Maharashtra
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Subsonic Wind TunnelYes! I am interested
The setup is an open wind tunnel used to demonstrate and measure the aerodynamic properties of various models. For this purpose, air is drawn in from the environment and accelerated. The air flows around a model, such as an aerofoil, in a measuring section. The air is then decelerated in a diffuser and pumped back into the open by a fan. The carefully designed intake nozzle and a flow straightener ensure a uniform velocity distribution with little turbulence in the closed measuring section. The test section is square in shape & made of transparent plexiglass for students to visualize the process. The built-in axial fan with a variable-speed drive is characterized by an energy-efficient operation at high efficiency. Air velocities of up to 36 m/s are possible to be achieved in the wind tunnel. The trainer is equipped with an electronic two-component force sensor. Lift and drag are detected and displayed digitally. The air velocity in the test section is measured using a pitot tube. The standard accessories include Multitube Inclined Manometer, Static Pitot Tube, U tube Manometer, 2 Component Force Balance, Digital Force Indicator, Wide range of experimental modules like NACA aerofoils, drag models of different shapes, Boundry Layer, Aeroplane Models etc are are available for use with wind tunnel & can be ordered separately. An optional Data Acquisition System is also available for reading values of pressure, displacement/angle, velocity and force. These parameters can be transferred to a PC where they can be analyzed with a windows based software.Optional accessories allow a variety of experiments, for example, lift measurements, angle measurement, pressure distributions, boundary layer analysis or visualization of streamlines.

Experimental Capabilities:
• Determine drag and lift coefficients for different models
• Pressure distribution when flowing around drag bodies
• Boundary layer analysis
• Investigation of flutter
• Wake measurement
• Visualisation of streamlines

Standard Accessories:
• Multi-Tube Manometer
• U tube Manometer
• Basic Lift and Drag Balance
• Digital Force Indicator

Experimental Modules:
• Cylinder Model with Pressure Tapping
• 150 mm Chord NACA0012 Aerofoil with Tappings
• 150 mm Chord NACA2412 Aerofoil with Variable Flap
• 150 mm Chord NACA0012 Aerofoils
• 100 mm Flat Plate
• Flat Boundary Layer Model
• Aircraft Model - Low Wind
• Aircraft Model - High Wing
• Three Dimensional Drag Models

Optional Accessories:
• Versatile Data Acquisition System
• Differential Pressure Indicator
• Basic Lift and Drag Balance
• Three-Component Balance
• Angle Feedback Unit
• Differential Pressure Transducer
• 32-Way Pressure Display Unit
• Pitot-Static Traverse (300 mm)
• Smoke Generator
Multi-Fuel Research Engine Test SetupYes! I am interested
The MultiFuel Research Engine Test Setup consists of Single Cylinder, 4 stroke Engine coupled to a dynamo meter. The engine is modified such that engine head can be lifted or lowered so that clearance volume & hence compression ratio can be changed. The dynamo meter provides a variable load on the engine to study engine performance under variable load conditions. The engine is further modified so that petrol & diesel can be used as fuel. The engine is fitted with ignition coil & throttle body while running on petrol as fuel. Exhaust gas calorimeter is used for estimation of heat carried away by exhaust gases for determination of heat balance of the engine.
The instrumentation console includes measuring instruments for Engine Speed, Torque, Air consumption, Fuel Consumption, temperature & cooling water flow rates. The parameters are recorded by the sensors & transmitted to Data Acquisition Device. The Data Acquisition Device sends the data to computer & which is displayed in the Data Acquisition Software.
Windows-based software developed in Lab View Platform is capable of displaying real-time acquired data & results are displayed in tabular & graphical format.

Experimental Capabilities:
Cut Section Model of Power Steering Gear BoxYes! I am interested
Cut section model of power steering gear box is useful to understand construction details of a powered steering gearbox. The cutaway model is carefully sectioned to show internal parts for training purposes, professionally painted with different colors to differentiate the various parts in a better way. The steering gearbox used for the cut section is a genuine component from OEM like Hyundai or equivalent.

Cut Section Model Of TractorYes! I am interested
CTEV-10 is a full scale working cut section model of an Agriculture Tractor designed to enable students to study different systems of a tractor & demonstrate its working. The setup uses an actual tractor, sectioned at suitable locations to display internal assembles. In order to visualize operation of the assemblies, the engine is driven using a low speed motor. All the assemblies are repainted using automotive grade paints & color coded in order to make students understand the sectioned parts. The tractor assembly along with drive system is mounted on a sturdy steel frame, fitted with castor wheels for mobility.
All the assemblies like Engine, Transmission, Brake System, Engine Cooling System, Air Intake System etc are sectioned in order to show the internal assemblies & parts. While running at lower speed by using an electric motor, the students can visualize operation of important vehicle systems like engine, gear box, power transfer to wheels.

The engine is cut at different locations in order to display its components like piston, cylinder, crank shaft, cam shaft etc. Auxiliary systems like oil sump, starter, alternator, radiator, air cleaner etc. are also cut in order to show their construction details.
The gear box is sectioned in order to show the internal meshing gears & their shifting during operation of the tractor.
The electrical system consisting of Head Lamps, Tail Lamps, Turn Indicators, Horn etc is operational along with other mechanical systems.
Electro Hydraulic TrainerYes! I am interested

Electro Hydraulic Trainer is designed to demonstrate an application of Hydraulic Power & build various Hydraulic Circuits using electrically operated hydraulic valves components.The trainer is equipped with a power pack to supply oil under pressure to the components during operation. Two distributors, each for Pressure & Tank port are mounted on the profile plate. Hydraulic Connections between the components are made using hoses with easy to use push-pull connectors.The components supplied along with the trainer include Direction Control Valves, Linear Actuators, low control valves, Check Valve etc. To study the use of advanced electrically operated Hydraulic components, the trainer is supplied with different solenoid operated direction control valves. All necessary accessories like power supply, relays, switches & proximity sensors etc are supplied with the trainer.


Experimental Capabilities:

Bottle Filling Machine TrainerYes! I am interested
Features :

Closed loop, Compact, comprehensive, sturdy design.
¿¿¿ Complete instrumentation for experimentation of Process control using PID Controller & PC based control
¿¿¿ Direct readings of Process variables possible.
¿¿¿ Standard Industrial grade components used in trainer.

Description :

IE-15 demonstrates a complete range of process control methods and strategies, including manual control. The system consists of the Filtering, Mixing, Reactor and Bottling stations. The filtering station filters a fluid. The filtrate is pumped out of the tank via different process valves through the filter into the second tank. The filtered fluid is added to the first tank in the mixing station. The mixing station mixes different recipes from three storage tanks. The finished mixture is be pumped to the reactor station. The reactor station regulates the temperature profiles, with different mixing times, are run depending on the selected recipe. The filling station then bottles the fluid. The bottles are be carried on conveyor belts to the filling position. A pneumatic separator marshals the bottles. The bottles are filled with different quantities from the dosing tank, depending on the selected recipe and.The unit comprises of Feed system with pump, heating unit, Tank filling is controlled by Two-way solenoid valve. The trainer includes an advanced Windows based software package, which implements the control functions. The software displays a real-time process values on a process diagram, and includes PID control algorithms, with user control of PID tuning parameters. Other exercises such as alarm generation, alarm acknowledgement, report generation etc can also be studied.Self-explanatory operating & maintenance manual is supplied with the trainer that includes Theory, operating procedure and maintenance procedures

Specification :

• Each station shall be controlled using PC and PLC:
• PC measurement and control of the system via a serial computer interface accessible via Profinet
• CPU S7-314C-2 PN/DP or similar
• Power supply unit
• incl. one USB-MPI adapter and 512 KB micro memory card and a wireless LAN-network
• HMI - Color touch panel built into console housing, with connecting cable and application to each station.
• The process shall start in the PLC or monitor them with the touch panel. The control task shall be handled by the PLC. The controller parameters shall then be set on the touch panel. All process variables shall be displayed in user friendly way – including trend graphs – on the touch panel.
• Deliverability:
• A workbook and CD-ROM with the worksheets and the solutions. The topics on the workbook and CD-ROM include exercises and solutions for: Filtering Mixing Reactor Bottling
• Replacement filter cartridge x5
• Power supply unit
• Trolley
• Mounting frame
• Tool set
• Technical documentation of the trainer and installation, operational, as well as maintenance and troubleshooting manuals included.
• Interfacing means to computers as tools for programming and simulation.
Bernoulli's Theorem ApparatusYes! I am interested
The Bernoulli’s Theorem Apparatus is designed to experimentally verify the Bernoulli’s Theorem. Set up consists of two constant head tanks made of clear acrylic with a venturi tube fitted in between. The venturi tube made of acrylic has 11 pressure measuring points connected to Piezometers so that Pressure Head at each point can be measured. Arrangements are made to operate the unit under different static heads & at different flow rates.Water is supplied from the sump tank by centrifugal pump & measuring tank is provided to measure the water flow rate. The entire setup is mounted on a strong steel frame.

Experimental Capabilities:
Energy Losses in PipesYes! I am interested
The Energy Losses in Pipes accessory consists of a test pipe, orientated horizontally, which may be fed directly from the Hydraulics Bench supply or, alternatively, from the integral constant head tank. This equipment allows the pressure drop of water passing through a hydraulically smooth circular pipe to be measured in detail and the pipe friction equation to be verified.
These sources provide high or low flow rates which may be controlled by a valve at the discharge end of the test pipe. Head loss between two tapping points in the test pipe is measured using two manometers, a water over mercury manometer for large pressure differentials and a pressurized water manometer for small pressure differentials.
Excess water discharging from the constant head tank is returned to the sump tank of the Hydraulics Bench. Adjustable feet permit leveling.

Experimental Capabilities:
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We, “Innovative Techno Lab Equipments,” are a renowned manufacturer, trader, exporter and supplier of a superior quality range of Engineering Test Equipments, Laboratory Equipments, and Trainers for Engineering Institutes. Our offered range comprises Automobile Engineering, Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer, Hydraulic & Pneumatics, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Applied Thermodynamics, Electrical Engineering and Laboratory Equipment. These products are manufactured in accordance with the international quality standards using high-grade components and cutting-edge technology under the guidance of skilled professionals.

We offer this range in various technical specifications in order to meet the variegated needs of the clients. Further, clients can get these equipments as per their precise needs through our customization facility. Appreciated for optimum performance, less maintenance, rigid construction, precise engineering, easy installation and longer functional life, these products are broadly recognized in the market. Our offered range of products is broadly demanded in various industries like Automobile Engineering, Applied Thermodynamics, and Laboratories in Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Instrumentation Engineering.


Innovative Techno Lab EquipmentsInnovative Techno Lab Equipments



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Innovative Techno Lab Equipments
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