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Aerodynamics Laboratory

We offer high quality Aerodynamics Laboratory Trainers for study of basic as well as advanced principles of Aerodynamic Engineering. Our product range include Modular Air Flow Bench for study of basic principles of Aerodynamics & Subsonic Wind Tunnel for analysis of advanced principles of Aerodynamics. Wide range of experimental modules are available for determination of Drag & Lift Force, Pressure Distribution on Aerofoils, Boundry Layer Analysis, Flow Visualization etc.

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Product Details:
Speedup to 40 m/s
Power Requirement3-11 hp,3 phase 415 V

The setup is an open wind tunnel used to demonstrate and measure the aerodynamic properties of various models. For this purpose, air is drawn in from the environment and accelerated. The air flows around a model, such as an aerofoil, in a measuring section. The air is then decelerated in a diffuser and pumped back into the open by a fan. The carefully designed intake nozzle and a flow straightener ensure a uniform velocity distribution with little turbulence in the closed measuring section. The test section is square in shape & made of transparent plexiglass for students to visualize the process. The built-in axial fan with a variable-speed drive is characterized by an energy-efficient operation at high efficiency. Air velocities of up to 36 m/s are possible to be achieved in the wind tunnel. The trainer is equipped with an electronic two-component force sensor. Lift and drag are detected and displayed digitally. The air velocity in the test section is measured using a pitot tube. The standard accessories include Multitube Inclined Manometer, Static Pitot Tube, U tube Manometer, 2 Component Force Balance, Digital Force Indicator, Wide range of experimental modules like NACA aerofoils, drag models of different shapes, Boundry Layer, Aeroplane Models etc are are available for use with wind tunnel & can be ordered separately. An optional Data Acquisition System is also available for reading values of pressure, displacement/angle, velocity and force. These parameters can be transferred to a PC where they can be analyzed with a windows based software.Optional accessories allow a variety of experiments, for example, lift measurements, angle measurement, pressure distributions, boundary layer analysis or visualization of streamlines.

Experimental Capabilities:
• Determine drag and lift coefficients for different models
• Pressure distribution when flowing around drag bodies
• Boundary layer analysis
• Investigation of flutter
• Wake measurement
• Visualisation of streamlines

Standard Accessories:
• Multi-Tube Manometer
• U tube Manometer
• Basic Lift and Drag Balance
• Digital Force Indicator

Experimental Modules:
• Cylinder Model with Pressure Tapping
• 150 mm Chord NACA0012 Aerofoil with Tappings
• 150 mm Chord NACA2412 Aerofoil with Variable Flap
• 150 mm Chord NACA0012 Aerofoils
• 100 mm Flat Plate
• Flat Boundary Layer Model
• Aircraft Model - Low Wind
• Aircraft Model - High Wing
• Three Dimensional Drag Models

Optional Accessories:
• Versatile Data Acquisition System
• Differential Pressure Indicator
• Basic Lift and Drag Balance
• Three-Component Balance
• Angle Feedback Unit
• Differential Pressure Transducer
• 32-Way Pressure Display Unit
• Pitot-Static Traverse (300 mm)
• Smoke Generator

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: AF-02

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Modular Air Flow bench is designed to demonstrate the behavior of bodies during flow around or through bodies with a compressible fluid. The purpose of experiments is familiarisation with and optimisation of drag and the flow field around a body. The trainer consists of a centrifugal fan, which can be used to generate flow velocities up to 40m/s. The fan speed can be changed using Variable Frequency Drive (VFD). A stabilization tank with flow straightener ensures a consistent, low-turbulence and reproducible flow in the measurement section. A carefully shaped nozzle provides a largely homogeneous velocity distribution of the air flow. The accessory is attached using quick release fasteners and can be interchanged quickly and easily. Measuring points along the measurement section allow pressure and velocity measurements to be taken. The tube manometers are required to be able to show the pressures clearly. Detailed Operation & Maintenance Manual is provided along with the trainer.

  • Vertical measurement section with flow straightener and nozzle
  • Radial fan infinitely variable via frequency converter
  • Thermometer for measuring air temperature

Experimental Modules:
  • Bernoulli’s Equation
  • Drag Force
  • Round Turbulent Jet
  • Boundary Layer
  • Flow Around a Bend
  • Jet Attachment
  • Flow Visualization
  • Tapped Aerofoil
  • Multi-Tube Manometer

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: AF-01

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